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Susan Wagenaar

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A Day in the Life of Our Founder

In the tranquil heart of Colusa County, where life unfolds at its own unhurried pace, a story of remarkable strength and unwavering determination takes center stage. It's the story of a woman who operates tirelessly behind the scenes, often in the shadows, away from the spotlight of press releases and community leaders. This is the inspiring tale of our founder, Susan Wagenaar, whose passion for helping others radiates like a lighthouse in the realm of virtual recovery.

As the gentle morning light filters through her curtains, Susan rises, her day beginning well before the world stirs from slumber. Her commitment to the people who utilize Colusa County Recovery, the digital platform she pioneered in 2020, is a sanctuary for anyone seeking support. It overflows with free self-help resources, original content, videos, and access to the vibrant 'Clean and Sober Nation' community, boasting over 5,500 members in recovery—a testament to her relentless commitment.

A Simple Breakfast, A Profound Mission

Amidst the quiet of her morning, Susan reflects on the day ahead. Her commitment to extending a lifeline to individuals battling addiction and supporting those who have embraced a new way of living. With a simple click of her mouse, she immerses herself in the transformative virtual realm of recovery, poised to ignite change.

Hope in Every Message

Throughout the day, Susan is a witness to the flow of hope and encouragement that permeates 'Clean and Sober Nation.' It's more than a mere digital space; it's a vibrant peer-based recovery community where individuals, often navigating the gaps of an overburdened mental health system, discover solace, unwavering support, and a deep sense of fellowship.

A Tuesday Unlike Any Other

On Tuesday's, Susan gets in her car and eagerly heads to the weekly in-person peer support recovery group of 15 to 22  individuals on probation at the Day Reporting Center in Colusa. In these sessions, Susan fosters a sense of unity and shared determination among the group. Together, they actively engage in discussions, sharing their triumphs and struggles in a safe space that fosters hope, healing, and personal resilience. It is in this environment that relapse prevention becomes a primary focus, while each peer is encouraged to strive toward their full potential as productive members of society, living a drug and alcohol-free life

An Evening of Reflection

As the sun dips below the horizon, Susan exits her computer chair. The day's events may not make headlines, but they have made a profound difference in people's lives. 

Leaving a Legacy of Hope and Resilience

Susan's journey exemplifies the quiet heroism of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, making a profound impact. Everyday people, who recognized a NEED in their community and dared to believe they could make a difference.

Her story is an inspiration to us all, a reminder that even in the shadows, a person can become a beacon of hope, and a catalyst for innovation and change. Susan's legacy is inscribed in many people she supports online,  the community members she ignites hope within, and the volunteers she inspires, reminding us all that sometimes, the most potent force for change is the quiet resilience of one single individuals unwavering passion and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

A Call to Action

Our founders story is a testament to the incredible impact one person can make. It's a reminder that each of us has the potential to be the voice of change within our own communities. If Susan's passion for helping others has inspired you, consider taking action today. Whether it's starting a recovery website, blog or podcast, a grassroots organization, a support group, pursuing educational objectives, or championing a cause that often goes unnoticed, your efforts can ripple out and create positive change.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Colusa County Recovery we honor all pathways to recovery. If you are interested in learning about volunteer opportunities with us online or in-person? Please drop us an email, and tell us about yourself. 

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