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We're Revolutionizing The Recovery Experience 

At Colusa County Recovery, we're not just transforming the recovery experience for thousands – we're building a future where recovery is accessible, empowering, and stigma-free.


Human Connection

We've witnessed the incredible power of online human connection. Stigma-free virtual communities, digital peer support, 24/7 recovery chat rooms, and online support meetings are making recovery more reachable than ever. We're constantly exploring technology's amazing possibilities, integrating them to empower individuals on their paths to recovery, resilience, and well-being.

Our Commitment to Community

Recovery thrives with support, and that's why we've facilitated over 50 Justice Involved resiliency groups within the Colusa County Department of Probation, building a strong network of encouragement within the community.

Colusa County Recovery

your online partner in digital recovery 


  • Connecting for Change: Build meaningful connections and find encouragement through our diverse range of peer support services, groups, and opportunities online.

  • Clean and Sober Nation: Join our flagship virtual recovery community, "Clean and Sober Nation," for a dedicated private space to connect with others on their recovery journey and build a supportive community, with members from 50 states and 12 nations.

  • Text Support Line: Never feel alone! Our recovery check-in text line provides you with access to support and encouragement, 7 days a week, (530) 501-5888.

  • Chat Rooms: We offer two moderated online chat rooms run by volunteers in long-term recovery. Over 600 members from diverse backgrounds utilize our chat rooms weekly and encourage each other.

  • Sober Socials: Stay connected and celebrate sobriety at our monthly "Happier Hour” Sober Socials, where we play games, laugh, share, and support one another.

  • YouTube Outreach: We created this channel to ignite hope, inspire, entertain and encourage others on the path to recovery. We upload new original content weekly.

Meet One of Our Flagship Online Peer-Support Recovery Group

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Online Support Group of Colusa County Recovery | Clean and Sober Nation
Clean and Sober NATION
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Clean and Sober Nation - a Colusa County Recovery Support Group

Our Thriving Community

Clean and Sober Nation is a dynamic recovery and virtual online support community, fueled by the passion of thousands of members spanning 50 states, and 12 nations.

Streaming 24-7



Join Our Movement

10,000 Online Members
4,665 YouTube Subscribers 
148,386  Video Views  

"We are a New Generation of Recovery Advocates." 

— S.M. Wagenaar, Founder of Colusa County Recovery and Clean and Sober Nation


Our Distinctives 

  • We embrace all gateways to recovery and honor a person's right to choose their own path.

  • We recognized the power of virtual recovery to create human connection, foster supportive communities and reach diverse populations regardless of geography. 

  • We are autonomous, pragmatic, and hold ourselves to the highest standard.

  • We utilize polls, gather feedback, and use cutting edge analytics to improve recovery outcomes, and engagement across all our platforms and online spaces.

  • We are curious, open-minded, and collaborate with other innovators.

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