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The Definition of Recovery

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

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Our Distinctives

  • We embrace all gateways to recovery and wellness.

  • We envision a healthy, safe, and resilient community model.

  • We recognized the inherent value of technology to reach individuals and community members at risk.

  • We are autonomous, pragmatic, and hold ourselves to the highest standard.

  • CCR is comprised of volunteers, who are passionate about helping others in our community.


  • Facebook
  • YouTube

"Your support group on Facebook is super cool. Spotted someone I used to get high with that is now over 2 years clean! We are going to a meeting together. I am 93 days clean, today." - Michelle

"Enjoyed reading and listening to the recovery stories and videos. Very inspiring. Thank you." - Anna

"Thank you for helping us find a long term drug and alcohol program for our 19 year old son. He is doing well." - Theresa

 "I think what you are doing is great. Kudos for not hitting people up for donations with pop-ups. That is refreshing. I wish you the very best" - Karla

"A sober friend told me about Colusa County Recovery. It's freaking amazing what you folks have created here. Joined your Facebook support group. Respect!" - Josh

"A volunteer on your peer support line was very supportive. I forgot her name but wanted to say, thank you." - David

"Love your site. Keep up the good work. Listened to the AA Big Book on audio. My sponsor will be happy, lol." - Mario

"Found you guys on Facebook. Loved your 'sober jokes' video. Made me laugh. Watched it twice." - Pamela

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Peer Support 

Our role as community-based peer support specialists is to support community members in their recovery. To help prevent relapse and promote long-term recovery. To provide hope and encouragement, and embrace the principle of mutual empowerment. Peer support services are 100% free and confidential. Peer support provided through Colusa County Recovery is not a replacement for clinical services or professional therapy but an added level of support to help community members in their recovery journey.

V i r t u a l 
No Travel Involved
Text/Call: 530-501-5888 

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Freedom From Addiction

Don't let opiates control your life. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds. The good news is,

help is available. 

Recovery Tools & Inspiring Videos

Enjoy instant access to free recovery tools, literature, audio, and videos  that will inspire, encourage, and uplift you on your recovery journey.



Colusa County Recovery (CCR) was founded in December of 2020 on the principles of people helping people.


Our free digital recovery platform and companion recovery discussion group on Facebook (Clean and Sober Nation) has become valuable additions to our rural community's existing TOOLBOX of available services that address substance use disorders.

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