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Welcome to Our Recovery Stories Page

We created this page to ignite hope, break stereotypes, and offer support and encouragement to others on the road to recovery. 

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At Colusa County Recovery, we understand the importance of diverse recovery-support options. That's why we're committed to making virtual recovery accessible to everyone, no matter where you call home. Explore our website, ulitize our resources, discover empowering videos on our YouTube channel, and join our dynamic online support community, Clean and Sober Nation.


Here, you'll find the connection and tools you need to thrive. Together, let's unlock the power of virtual recovery and build a brighter future.

Congratulations, Ashleigh on over 4 years drug and alcohol free!!!

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Recovery Ambassador
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Danny Trejo, the actor best known for Machete Kills and the film From Dusk Till Dawn, has been sober since August 23, 1968, and has celebrated his 55th year of sobriety in August 2023. In his caption, Trejo said, "I'm 55 years clean and sober today by the grace of God" and encouraged others who are struggling to stay sober, saying "You can too!" 

Meet Recovery Ambassador

Hey there! I'm an alcoholic. Took me a while to come to terms with that, to see I had a problem. I've been sober for over 1000 days! I used alcohol as my medicine to deal with everything I've seen as a firefighter/EMT for 20 years. My time as a correctional officer, and the pain of my failed marriages and relationships. What I thought was helping, was really hurting me physically and mentally.

When I quit, I was drinking a fifth and a pint of vodka every night. Ending up most nights crying wishing I could give it up. It was my best friend, and my worst enemy wrapped up in one.

Thank God I got cellulitis in my leg. I went to the ER for that. The admitting doctor saw the shakes, and asked how much I really drank. I told her, and she put me on withdrawal meds. An addiction counselor who himself had been sober for 15 years came and talked to me. That was my rock bottom. The push I needed to quit. I was in there for 5 days on withdrawal meds most of the time. Been sober ever since. Today, I like myself again, and that's saying a lot.  

I'm sharing my recovery story because if you're trying to get sober, or thinking about it?  There is hope. Reach out! 

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“The first picture is of me when I was in full blown meth and heroin and fentanyl addiction. Yes, I know the picture is raw and gross but this is REAL ADDICTION. A look of me at my lowest. Recently  I celebrate 9 months clean and sober!  Today, I can wake up every morning and I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to make it through the day. Today, I don’t have to worry about if I’m going to end up in jail. Today, I’m holding down a full time job. Today, I’m living on my own for the first time in my life. Today, I’m beyond happy with my life and don’t want to die every day. Today, I don’t cry all day every day. HAPPY 9 MONTHS TO ME!”                                                            



Hello, my name is Jessica and I am a recovering alcoholic. For years, I struggled to balance my professional life with my addiction. To cope with the guilt, I worked diligently to be the best teacher, the best employee, and the best at everything. I spent years at happy hours counting others' drinks so I could pretend to drink like a "normal" person while aching to go home to isolate and imbibe. That painful lifestyle is behind me. Today, I stand proud of who I am and embrace all parts of me. My recovery is no longer a secret. Instead, it is my story to share.


My 3 tips to anyone struggling is:

  1. Always lean on others for help; we don't have to suffer in life alone.

  2. Recovery is possible; if you fall eight times, get up nine, fight for your life, you're worth it.

  3. Addiction, regardless of the substance, is a disease, period. No one judges a person with diabetes; don't let anyone devalue you for your condition.                                                                                                                          

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Sober 7 Years
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Brad Pitt's Sobriety: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Freedom

Brad Pitt is one of the most recognizable and successful actors in Hollywood, but his journey to sobriety has been a long and challenging one. In a recent interview with the New York Times, he opened up about his recovery practice, which includes regular attendance at 12 Step meetings.


The Founder Of Colusa County Recovery Shares Her Recovery Story

Hello, my name is Susan, and I  really appreciate the opportunity to share my recovery story with you.

In mid-2019, was in serious legal trouble behind an insidious addiction, that had me in its steely grip. Despite the avalanche of negative consequences that I was experiencing, and the high probability that I might end up incarcerated for a couple of years (which scared me) I continued using drugs daily, until my re-arrest.


Going public about this chapter of my life has taken deep self-introspection and courage, to rip off the veil and admit that alcohol and drugs nearly destroyed my life, and turned me into someone I didn't recognize. 

My big a-ha moment came in the form of a judge in Colusa County. I think of the Honorable Judge Jeffrey E. Thompson often, with deep respect and gratitude for what he gave me -- a second chance at a new beginning, by reinstating my probation, which was my roadmap to therapy and restoration.

Like so many individuals who arrive at the threshold of recovery, I needed a supportive and knowledgeable hand to guide me through the recovery process. Every time I had tried to STOP in the past, I had failed; from personal willpower, to self-help books, hypnosis, moving to a new city, religion, new jobs, new friends. I always went back to drinking and using drugs to numb my insecurities about myself. 


The last year of my drug use, I felt like a hamster trapped in a spinning wheel.


 I feel fortunate that when I walked into Colusa County Health and Human Services seeking HELP that a compassionate social worker named Gricelda, immediately connected me to mental health services, housing, and the basic services, that I needed at that time, and my road to healing and recovery began, that day. 


I have been in recovery for nearly four years. I have overcome negative thinking patterns, develop coping skills, and built personal resilience. I am a productive member of society, who wakes up every morning, GRATEFUL for another day free from  the horror's of addiction.


Lastly, as a justice involved individual, it felt great to thank my former Probation Officer, Kimberly Oliva, for keeping me accountable, and for being a positive influence in my life. Seeing Officer Oliva, through a sober lens, made an impact on me. I stopped resenting authority, and started valuing agencies and individuals, who are committed to our rural communities; public health, safety, and welfare.

Susan Wagenaar

Founder, CCR.

As  Featured on NEWS BREAK

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