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Steps, Higher Powers and Sponsors – those work for some people very well. LifeRing's approach is different.


We think YOU are the best person to design your Own Personal Recovery Program – you know what’s needed in your life and what has to be abandoned. You know your triggers, and cravings, and what provides healthy and strengthening pleasure. You know the path you want to be on, and you are the only person, who can figure out how best to get there.


LifeRing provides safe and supportive contact with others in recovery that enables that process to succeed.

  • Mary Beth O'Connor Talks About LifeRing on AA-based Sober.Coffee Podcast
     Sober.Coffee Podcast interview with LifeRing Secular Recovery board member and Speaker's Bureau Supervisor Mary Beth O'Connor. In her own words: "I spoke with two 12-steppers about LifeRing, the 3-S philosophy, building a personal recovery plan, and other basics about LSR."Mary Beth's LifeRing-focused podcast was well received by the LifeRing Community and the listeners of the Sober.Coffee Podcast.

  • LifeRing Executive Director Robert Stump Shares His Story on Beyond Belief Sobriety 
    Beyond Belief Sobriety | Episode 265:  LifeRing Secular Recovery. Beyond Belief Sobriety is a podcast for agnostics, atheists, freethinkers, and secularly-minded people in recovery. This podcast was originally recorded a few years back for a podcast called My Secular Recovery, but the hosts liked it so much they featured it again on Beyond Belief Sobriety this year. In this episode, LifeRing Executive Director Robert Stump shares his personal story of recovery and how he found LifeRing to support him in his sobriety.

"To all the Davids out there, keep fighting Goliaths and believing in yourself." 

 — S.M. Wagenaar, Founder of Colusa County Recovery and Clean and Sober Nation


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