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We Believe in People

Colusa County Recovery is committed to supporting the 'Justice-Involved' of Colusa County.

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Paving the Path to Healing for Justice-Involved Individuals:

In the journey towards healing, growth, and recovery, Colusa County Recovery takes a proactive stance, recognizing the unique challenges faced by those with addiction issues within the justice system. Often underserved in county jails and prisons across California, these individuals often return to their communities, families, and social networks in need of comprehensive community support and services.

The Challenge:

Research underscores that substance use disorders can affect anyone, regardless of their justice involvement. To address this, Colusa County Recovery acknowledges the critical role played by professional counselors, health and human services, faith-based institutions, county probation, and community-based organizations in facilitating strength-based recovery support. However, the gap in services within correctional facilities necessitates a robust network of  providers 'working togater' to ensure successful reintegration into society.

The Solution: Colusa County Recovery emerges as a beacon of hope, embodying the commitment to provide vital support for those on the path to recovery. Our community-based organization plays a pivotal role in bridging the service gap and empowering justice-involved individuals to reclaim their lives, find purpose, while embracing a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

The Role of Colusa County Recovery:

  1. Comprehensive Support: Colusa County Recovery understands the multifaceted nature of recovery. By offering a range of community-based supports, including peer support services, in-person groups, referrals to counseling or rehabilitation services, we create a nurturing environment for individuals seeking a fresh start.

  2. Dignity and Respect: Every individual served by Colusa County Recovery is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Recognizing that a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere is crucial for recovery, the organization strives to eliminate stigma and create a space where individuals can rebuild their lives.

  3. Opportunities for Productive Lives: Colusa County Recovery goes beyond conventional approaches, focusing on not just recovery but also enabling individuals to lead productive lives. This involves community partnerships with other providers where justice involved individuals can obtain skill-building opportunities, vocational training, housing assistance and other needed services to foster a sense of purpose and belonging.

  4. Community Integration: To break the cycle of incarceration and substance use disorders, Colusa County Recovery actively facilitates the integration of justice-involved individuals into the community. By fostering positive connections through 'facilitated' peer support groups, zoom and text support sessions, free resources  and partnerships with other community organizations contributes to a supportive social network conducive to sustained recovery.


In the realm of justice-involved recovery, Colusa County stands as a testament to the transformative power of community-based support. By addressing the specific needs of individuals with addiction issues, our grassroots organization ensures that every person we serve has the opportunity for recovery and can live a life of productivity, dignity, and respect.


Jami Lee Cain

Jami is a Justice Involved  'Senior Peer-Support Group Facilitator' with Colusa County Recovery. She leads resiliency-base, purpose driven, recovery groups at the Department of Probation in Colusa County.

Learn more about Jami

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Susan Wagenaar

Susan is a former justice-involved individual in long-term recovery. She is dedicated to supporting community members in the justice system through area referrals, access to free resources, private Zoom sessions, our call/text support line and Colusa County Recovery's flagship recovery group: Clean and Sober Nation.


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