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It's Okay to Feel Uncomfortable Being Comfortable in Sobriety

By Terri Rivera

Colusa, California

April 22, 2024

You know there are times when you finally are in a place where life is so comfortable and content, it feels uncomfortable. Especially for those who have had to make drastic changes in there lifestyles to get to that point, like when we stop using drugs or alcohol.

You have to think about it this way:

Is it uncomfortable to have a life that is just the everyday chaos of raising kids or keeping up a home? Instead of the chaos created that destroys relationships, carreers and families?

Is it uncomfortable to be bored, or just have nothing to do, or dozing off in a favorite chair while watching a movie? Instead of passing out, or blacking out and not remembering the things you said or did? What about sleeping for days when you crash after a week of no sleep?

Is it uncomfortable being able to get up and go to a job everyday that gives you independence and a pay check? Or being able to get a driver's license or further your education?

Instead of taking classes that are required by CPS or probation? Struggling to find money to buy your shit,finding a way to beat a UA test? Hiding in a dark room paranoid and tweeking?

Is it uncomfortable sitting outside enjoying a sunny day, or going to your kids events at school, thier ball games or graduations? Instead of, constant court appearances, sitting in a jail cell, or having supervised visits with your kids in some place other than thier home?

Yea sometimes it can be uncomfortable being comfortable! But if you have come far enough to actually feel uncomfortable with your change in life, then you are where you need to be. It may not make sense to some that have never had to work this hard to get where you are.

So just know, it's okay to feel uncomfortable being comfortable. Go with it and except that it. Now, embrace being comfortable, it may feel strange living this different way of life, but this is the life you deserve, the life everyone around you deserves.

Because remember what you thought was your comfort zone before, was created because for some reason the life you had was uncomfortable, and that was not working.

~Just a thought~Terri 2024

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About the writer:

Terri Rivera is a certified addiction treatment counselor (CATC II) at Colusa County Behavioral Health Services.


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