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Tips On Hosting Sober Holiday Meals Without Breaking The Bank In 2022

With so much money going toward gifts for loved ones and friends, one wonders how any of us can afford another big holiday tradition; hosting a holiday meal, especially with food prices on the RISE. Below are a few friendly tips for cutting costs on your next holiday dinner party, without breaking the bank.

Create Your Guest List In Advance

“It can be really tempting to invite all of your friends and family members to a holiday dinner this year, especially after the 2020/2021 lockdown,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at Deal-News. “But rather than trying to gather every person you’ve ever met together, create a guest list of those that you really want to celebrate with — try to keep your invite list between 10 to 25 close family and friends. Not only is this smart planning, it can seriously help you to cut costs on your big holiday meal," says Ramhold.

Consider Streamlining Your Menu

“If you’re handling the whole dinner by yourself, and not going the potluck route, it’s certainly worth your time to streamline your holiday meal into a reasonably sized menu. Experts recommend that you choose one main course, a few sides to choose from, and one or two yummy desserts for all to enjoy. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can always add one or two appetizers to the culinary festivities.

Keep Your Décor Simple and Inviting

"A table linen set (table runner, napkins and candles) are all that are generally necessary to create that special dining ambience for your guests,” says Stephanie Commisso, a wedding floral designer and creator of Bluum Maison. “No need to go overboard with décor, keep it simple and inviting and your wallet will thank you," insists Commisso.

::: Consider Adding Non-Alcoholic Holiday Punch To Your Beverage Selection:::

With so many holiday non-alcoholic punch recipes to choose from on the internet, finding the right one for your festive gathering, should be a piece of cake. The great thing about punch is that it holds well throughout the afternoon and evening; it's delicious, attractive to behold and is a great choice for those of us in recovery.

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