Finally! Sober First Date Ideas For People In Recovery

Dating in a world soaked in alcohol need not stop you from making a genuine connection with another person on a sober first date.

As people in recovery we recognize that we live in a world that far too often uses alcohol as a crutch.

First dates without any alcohol are a really cool idea, and you don't have to be in recovery to take advantage of the benefits of sober dating.


Coffee Date

A coffee date is a great choice as a first date, especially if you are coffee lovers, like so many of us in recovery are. You and your date can hop from coffee shop to coffee shop, trying out different beverages — and by the end of the afternoon or evening, who knows? You might just know everything there is to know about each other — maybe, lol!

Take Your Dog(s) For A Walk Or Not?

This type of date is obviously geared towards one or both of you having dogs, but it can be a great first date option. You can go to a local park or recreational area and chat while you see how this potential date is with your pooch. Also, if your dog doesn't seem to like or trust your date, that's a red flag worth noting. Many people would agree that dogs have an amazing natural instinct for sensing who's good . . . and who's not so good.

A Work-Out Date

OKAY, so we know that working out as a date may sound like a totally crazy idea? But hold on! For some folks, it's a really good choice, considering its an environment where drinking is absolutely not an option. Working out isn't everyone's idea of romance, but breaking a sweat together can be a lot of fun, especially if you pair it up with with a refreshing smoothie or iced-coffee afterward for a chance to talk and get to know each other a little better.