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As a community, we can learn a lot from the strength and courage of lions.

Just like a pride of lions, our community can work together to address the

complexities of addiction and support those in need. Each member of the

community, whether a well-funded agency, a small community organization,

a church, or an individual with lived life experience, has a unique role and

contribution to make, just like each lion in a pride.


At Colusa County Recovery, we believe in the power of the lion pride mentality. Our grassroots recovery outreach may not have the financial resources of larger agencies, but our volunteers have the hearts and courage of lions, and are dedicated to helping individuals break the cycle of addiction and live happy, productive lives.  

Let us join together, like a pride of lions, to build a diverse network of support and services that ensures the recovery and success of all members of our community.

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Colusa County Recovery (CCR) was founded on the principles of people helping people. Our free online digital recovery platform has become a valuable addition to our rural community's existing TOOLBOX of available services that address substance use disorders.

Our mission is to build bridges that connect people to innovative recovery options, evidenced-based therapies, wellness principles, and mutual aid organizations; where they can get the help, support and guidance necessary, to begin their journey of healing and restoration.


  • We embrace all gateways to recovery and wellness.

  • We envision a healthy, safe, and resilient community model.

  • We recognized the inherent value of technology to reach individuals and community members at risk.

  • We are autonomous, pragmatic, and hold ourselves to the highest standard.

  • We are comprised of volunteers, who are passionate about helping others in our community

​Digital Recovery For The Modern Age

At Colusa County Recovery, we are committed to breaking down barriers to recovery by leveraging the power of the internet, digital resources, communications and online communities to support one another in our recovery. With rapid advancements in science, technology and artificial intelligence, we believe that virtual recovery has the power to revolutionize the way addiction recovery services are delivered -- and we intend to stay at the forefront of this movement. 

Peer Support Services

Our role as digital peer support recovery specialist's is to support community members in their recovery. To help prevent relapse and promote long-term recovery. To provide hope and encouragement, and embrace the principle of mutual empowerment. Peer support services are 100% free and confidential.

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