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Self-Love & Recovery

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Substance users often come into the ‘recovery life’ with very low self-esteem, doubting their self-worth, and can even be their own worst enemy at times. Teaching self-love empowers a person to take responsibility for their behaviors, which keeps them at a healthy distance from their addiction while developing new healthy habits.

There are steps addicts can choose to change the negative view of themselves:

Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

  • Control your self-deprecating thoughts which declare that your a failure and feel unloved. Think of your successes and how much you accomplish. Develop more goals to further accomplishments.

Support Is Key

  • Seek support from your real friends that care about you. Fill your cup with positive energy. Spend your time with people who think positively and who have attained their goals.

Forgive Yourself

  • Stop blaming yourself and seek forgiveness. This happens naturally if you choose to work a 12-step program. Accept your failures as being part of a normal life— “life on life’s terms”.


  • Take care of yourself. Join a gym or develop a simple exercise program that you can complete daily.

Find What You Love

  • Do things that are fun for you and what you love to do. Treat yourself to a movie or a local concert.

Stop Comparing

  • Accept the success of others and do not compare yourself with others. This comparison results in negative thinking.

Gratitude List

  • Make a list of what you have and “count your lucky stars” – this is a gratitude list and is a good habit to get into. Small things, like the fact that you can take care of yourself by paying your rent or even just have a car, are things that others only dream about. It helps put things into perspective.

Self-love supports spiritual growth which compliments your psychological and physical well-being. You feel you have value and you appreciate yourself. The goal is to be free of self-centeredness that results in behavior that is not self-destructive.

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