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Commit to the pledge and receive a certificate of recognition in your name

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R.E.A. Ashleigh

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R.E.A. Susan

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R.E.A. Scott

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R.E.A. Nicki

Recovery Empowerment Ambassador Pledge

I pledge to become a Community Empowerment Ambassador for addiction and mental health awareness. By signing this pledge, I commit to the following:

  • I will actively promote understanding and compassion towards individuals affected by addiction and mental health challenges.

  • I will encourage and support individuals to seek help for addiction and mental health issues without judgment or stigma.

  • I will strive to create an inclusive and supportive community where everyone feels valued and accepted, regardless of their struggles.

  • I will advocate for accessible and quality resources, treatment options, and support services for those dealing with addiction and mental health concerns.

  • I will foster a culture of empathy, understanding, and resilience within my community, encouraging open conversations and providing support to those in need.

By submitting my name below, I affirm my commitment to being a Recovery Empowerment Ambassador and actively working towards reducing the stigma associated with addiction and mental health.

Claim your certificate!

Congratulations! Your certificate will be emailed to you within 72 hours.

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