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Share Your Recovery Story :: Provide Hope To Others


If you’re in recovery, you’re in a unique position to speak to others traveling down the same road you’ve been down. You have a story to tell — and it has the potential to provide great hope to those who hear it. It’s both an individual story of your personal journey from addiction to recovery and a communal story that relates to the greater whole of humanity.

There are many reasons to share your recovery story. Below are five reasons for you to consider.

  • Sharing your story with another person makes your recovery more real. It’s not a recovery story until you tell someone about it.

  • In writing or telling about a difficult time, you can organize past events into a structured story that makes sense to others and ultimately helps you better make sense of the experience as well.

  • Studies show that sharing difficult experiences with others can improve health and well-being by establishing supportive bonds and reaffirming positive values and lessons learned from life experience.


  • Your story will help other people who feel hopeless and alone in their struggles. It could be the catalyst another person needs to finally get help.

  • Your emotional resilience and coping capacity is strengthened by the realization that you have something to give others that can help them.


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