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Colusa County Recovery

We Understand Addiction

Because We've Been There

Meet Colusa County Recovery (CCR). We are an online wellness and recovery community resource for individualswhose lives have been impacted by substance misuse and addiction; who are now embracing a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle or have a desire to stop using drugs. 


We provide a safe and encouraging environment, where anyone can connect - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - to free resources, inspiring videos, recovery tools, wellness principles, and others in recovery in a meaningful and insightful way. That fosters; hope, healing, and personal resilience.



Colusa County Recovery was founded on the principles of inclusion, diversity, community and respect. We consider our free online digital recovery and wellness resource to be a valuable addition to our rural community's existing TOOLBOX of available services that address substance misuse and addiction.


Through our virtual recovery platform, combined with targeted communications, analytics, dynamic content and social media engagement, we are successfully reaching individuals through their smart phones, computers, and tablets, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. 

Our mission is to build bridges that connect people to innovative recovery options, evidenced-based therapies, peer support solutions, wellness principles, and mutual aid organizations; where they can get the help, support and guidance necessary, to begin their journey of healing and restoration.


  • We embrace all gateways to recovery and wellness.

  • We envision a healthy, safe and resilient community model.

  • We support an atmosphere of inclusion, open communications and engagement with community stakeholders.

  • We recognized the inherent value of technology to reach individuals at risk.

  • We are autonomous, pragmatic, transparent, and hold ourselves to the highest standard.

  • Members of our community will never receive emails requesting donations.

  • CCR is comprised of volunteers, who are passionate about helping others break FREE from the chains of addiction.


If you believe that our 24-7 virtual platform, its resources, our values and distinctives can benefit our rural community, and neighboring cities? We would love to talk with you about partnering with us. Please reach out to Susan Wagenaar on her private line at (530) 588-5697 or contact her by email.

It's All About . . .

People Helping People
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