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Best Recovery Podcasts for 2021

One of the most important aspects of addiction recovery is support. Whether you’re attending AA or NA meetings or looking at other avenues of recovery, these addiction podcasts offer a range of experiences, advice, and community to help aid you on your recovery journey.

1. A Sober Girl’s Guide Jessica Jeboult was a well-known DJ in the heart of Los Angeles, spinning records at some of the top clubs with the biggest names. This “rockstar” life, however, felt lackluster. She turned to alcohol to treat her depression and anxiety before finally wanting a real change. A Sober Girl’s Guide is a podcast on mental health, spirituality, and wellness in recovery. “I went through my life with a fine-tooth comb and eliminated all the bullshit my ego was doing to be cool and traded it for things that made my soul sing. Just as you have to plan for success. You also have to plan for happiness,” Jessica writes on her website. Listen on Apple Podcasts.