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Advocacy Platform

Launch Date: May 2024


Take a stand with us as we confront the 'Addiction Industrialized Complex,' a $39 billion dollar giant that preys on our nation's most vulnerable. Our mission is nothing short of overhauling the legal landscape, ensuring those responsible for exploitation, failed methods, and staggering relapse rates, face the full force of accountability. Together, we will make recovery an inalienable right, not a selective privilege. 


Fighting Goliath: Join Our Fierce Advocacy Mission

Join us on a purpose-driven journey as we embark on a noble mission to 'empower' diverse voices within the recovery-addiction sector. Our ultimate destination is the grand launch of 'Clean and Sober Nation,' a national advocacy platform passionately dedicated to amplifying community voices, fortifying fresh perspectives, magnifying innovative online recovery strategies, and promoting effective boots-on-the-ground practices, all with the overarching goal of breaking the grip of the 'addiction industrialized complex' over our nation's most vulnerable populations.

Exposing the Addiction Industrialized Complex

At the core of our mission is the commitment to weaken the stranglehold of our nation's 'addiction industrialized complex,' a colossal 39 billion-dollar industry too often plagued by exorbitant rehab costs, sales tactics, body brokering, misleading advertising, grant accumulation, insurance fraud, revolving doors, poor recovery practices, and high relapse rates.

Leading the Charge for Change: Our Strategic Approach

We are staunchly committed to leading the charge for change. Our strategy is unwavering, driven by a powerful array of tactics:

1. Advocating for Legal Transformation: Our goal is to wield influence where it matters most – within the halls of legislation. We are on a relentless mission to rewrite the rules, pushing for legislative changes that will provide comprehensive support and compassionate care for those on the path to recovery. Our mission is to reshape the legal landscape, ensuring that the 'addiction industrialized complex' faces consequences for its exploitative practices and that recovery becomes a fundamental right, not a privilege.


2. Unleashing a Roar of Awareness: We will unleash an unrelenting roar of awareness, shaking the very foundations of the 'addiction industrialized complex.' Our mission is to ensure that the nation hears the resounding voices of those affected by this complex and understands the urgent need for transformation. Through relentless advocacy, we will spotlight the injustices, expose corporate greed, and call out the detrimental practices that have thrived for too long. Every story of triumph over addiction will serve as a rallying cry for change, kindling the flames of reform.

3. Illuminating Through Media: We will harness the power of media to pierce through the darkness of the 'addiction industrialized complex.' Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the inequities that persist, the unethical profiteering, and the grave consequences of outdated practices with low thresholds of recovery success. Through unapologetic storytelling, we will reveal the heroes who have conquered addiction and the innovative solutions that illuminate the path to recovery.

4. Forging Unbreakable Alliances: We will forge alliances with unwavering determination, uniting with organizations and individuals who share our battle cry for change. Our mission is to build a coalition that stands stronger together than any single voice. Through strategic partnerships, we will amplify our reach and create a formidable force that cannot be ignored.

Together, we are the vanguards of change, warriors in the fight against addiction. Through these resolute strategies, we shall dismantle the 'addiction industrialized complex'  grip and forge a future where recovery is accessible, celebrated, and just.


Our doors are wide open, inviting members from diverse backgrounds in the addiction-recovery sector to join our cause. This includes grassroots organizations, community non-profits, recovery resource providers, social media influencers, podcasters, authors, educators, reseachers, advocates, therapists, peer support specialists, harm prevention experts, and individuals impacted by exploitive practices by misleading rehabs or unworthy nonprofits. 


Our membership fee's will be based on a sliding scale, insuring that every member is given an opportunity to contribute, share, thrive, and speak their truth. Additionally, a six month membership will be awarded to anyone who is experiencing a financial challenge or living on a limited income

Media Relations Speakers Bureau: Amplifying Your Voice

This service is designed for members seeking to engage with the media and amplify their presence. Our media relations and speakers bureau can highlight the critical topics you're available to discuss with members of the media, content providers, podcasters, universities, and other forward-thinking organizations.

Join us on this bold and unwavering journey of advocacy and transformation.

We are committed to dispelling the stigma surrounding addiction, replacing old belief systems with understanding and a shared vision of hope, through a network of advocates, and diverse recovery voices that make up our community's support model. 

"We are a New Generation of Recovery Advocates, Who Vibe Together and Thrive Together!" — S.M. Wagenaar, Founder of Colusa County Recovery and Clean and Sober Nation

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