"Getting clean didn't open up the gates to heaven and let me in, but it did open up the gates of hell and let me out."  - Anonymous

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Thank you Colusa County For Helping Me To Recover


There is a familiar saying that "every addict impacts six other people in their addiction." If this saying is true? It would also be true that every recovering addict would affect six other people in their recovery.

This means that recovery is possible through connection to others in the community, no matter how far down the scale a person has fallen. This includes easy access to services and support provided by the larger whole; including one-on-one counseling, relapse prevention classes, a community support network and 12 step meetings, all of which played a key role in building resilience, accountability and sustainability in my life; particularly when I was at my most vulnerable -- new in recovery.

 As a person committed to abstinence and long term sobriety, it would be an oversight on my part, not to acknowledge the crucial role that my community played in my individual recovery; and my case is by no means unique. Most of us who arrive at the threshold of recovery are in need of a supportive hand to guide us through the recovery process; which is nearly impossible to do on our own. Asking for HELP is essential.


I am fortunate that when I walked into 'Colusa County Health and Human Services' with just a few days clean and no safe place to stay where drugs and alcohol were not being used -- that a compassionate social worker helped me. That beautiful soul (Grizelda) is truly one of Colusa County's unsung hero's and a fundamental part of my recovery story.

It is for these reasons and so many more that we created - ColusaCountyRecovery.com - as a celebration of the transformational power of community and the principles of recovery to turn hurting and dysfunctional addicts into responsible and caring members of our community, who in turn become 'beacons of hope' to those still caught up in the throes of addiction.

Your friend in recovery,

Susan - Recovery Advocate

CCR Community Relations (Volunteer)